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Healing through Reiki and Past-Life Regression

Using Usui Reiki and other energetic modalities allows for metaphysical healing to occur. Reiki has been popular in holistic medicine for over 100 years. During a single session, I have seen clients change from tired and lethargic to revived and rejuvenated after receiving these techniques. Clients can greatly benefit from chakra alignments, auric healings, removing energetic blockages, and much more. Negative energies can be removed as well as cord cutting to anything not serving the highest and best. Feel the beneficial energies of the alchemy symbols used in traditional Usui Reiki. Reiki can be done online through alchemy symbols, intention, and healing frequencies. 


Explore Past-Life Regression to find out information from a former time. Experience a different life to gain knowledge on improving this life. There may be an event that needs to be cleared or information to be learned. Clients gain invaluable information from their "higher-self" during these unique sessions. Book a session to experience it yourself!    

Past-Life Regression

Experience and explore past lives to help your current life!

Online Reiki Session

Align chakras, remove blockages, gain more energy

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