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Hypnotherapy uses the power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnosis to access your subconscious mind getting results!

Hypnosis is a natural state, one that we experience in our everyday lives. The slower, alpha/theta brainwaves that we experience as we transition to sleep, driving on autopilot to work and not quite remembering how you got there, and the feeling of being overloaded with message units are all ways we experience the hypnotic state quite naturally. 


When hypnotherapy is applied properly, there is potential for immediate learning and change. The purpose of the session is to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. Many obstacles can be overcome by extinguishing old patterns and behaviors so that you can move forward in your life. A wide variety of issues can be dealt with: too much stress/anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of focus, sleep issues, pain management, weight loss, as well as many others. 


During the session, you will be given effective tools and techniques to manage your daily issues and problems. Together we will discuss a successful strategy for you to achieve your goal. You then have the experience of being in hypnosis where I will give you positive, beneficial suggestions that are effective and empowering. The suggestions go directly into the subconscious, where they will be activated and utilized by your mind. The power of the subconscious will automatically start working towards achieving the goals that were previously discussed in the session. Each session is tailored to the individual and utilizes the client’s suggestibility in helping them accept their changes in mindset and perspective.


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Common Issues Resolved with Hypnotherapy

Abandonment, Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Bad Habits, Cravings, Depression, Fears and Phobias, Grief, Guilt, Forgiveness, Insecurity, Inner Child Wounds, Insomnia, Motivation, Overeating, Panic Attacks, Public Speaking, Self-Image, Traumas, Weight Loss  

Results, results, results...

Results are easily achieved! Through an effective and empowering session, we can achieve the goal. The subconscious mind is responsible for 88-95% of the body's natural behaviors and habits. Like riding a bike or brushing your teeth, the action is done "automatically". By using hypnosis, the subconscious mind can be accessed allowing for positive suggestions and ideas thus creating new, beneficial behaviors, habits, and routines. Get rid of stress, sleep better, release weight, manage pain, and so much more... 

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Who I am...

My name is Mackeen Bolognese and I live in Los Angeles, California. I graduated with High Honors from HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute), a nationally accredited College of Hypnotherapy, to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2023. In 2021, I trained in Reiki to become a Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki. After becoming exposed to metaphysical studies, I studied and learned Past Life Regression. Doing sessions with clients in Past Life Regression has been very eye-opening and fascinating. Understanding and allowing for all people to have self-expression is of vital importance to me. 


Along my journey, I have unlocked an unwavering passion for helping people. To me, there is no greater joy than helping another person overcome their obstacles and assisting them to live their best life. My goal is to work with anyone and everyone seeking physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic healing in a non-judgemental, open, and compassionate environment. I am very motivated and committed to this personal goal.

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Success Stories

Results can look different for every client since everyone has their own set of issues and obstacles to overcome. I take pride in working with all ages and all walks of life. My goal is to help everyone by creating a safe space to speak and be heard without judgment. Here are some results from my sessions: 


Client A (49-yr old, female) wanted to work on better focus, motivation, and achieving goals. During her first two sessions, she was given tools and techniques for manifesting and focusing. A goal she wanted to achieve was to sell her house. She mentioned that her house was on the market for many months and had no offers. When she applied the techniques of manifesting, that I explained to her, she was able to sell her house in less than two weeks. It was exciting to witness the events happen so quickly for her.   


Client B (20-yr old, male) was suffering from agoraphobia. His agoraphobia was a result of his getting sick during a road trip. The client was so sick that he had to return home immediately and was unable to go on vacation. The event of getting sick and his association with travel created a condition of him getting a stomach ache or nausea when talks of travel were brought up several years after the event. When he finished his first session, the client was able to go out frequently without experiencing anxiety and nausea during short to medium-distance road trips. 


Client C (17-yr old, female) was having panic attacks when preparing to start her homework over a period of three weeks. These attacks prevented her from focusing or being able to do her work every time she would attempt it. After her first session, she was able to focus and remain calm before and during her homework sessions.

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"I am so happy to share with you all my experience in an A.U.R.A. session with Mackeen. He did a phenomenal job at making me feel safe during my session, the first half he cleansed my aura, which in itself was very powerful. I really love the way Mackeen was speaking during the session. He knew exactly what to say for the hypnosis to work. Not only was the session successful, I also received a lot of healing from my past lives and all physical pain that I felt in my body was being released. I cannot wait to do another session. It is a great way to heal your body and mind and any traumas that you could be facing in the most natural and holistic way."


"Explore parts of yourself only ever seen by your soul. This ia an altrnative medicine which heals through going deep into your subconscience mind to pull out all that does not serve you. Mackeen uses Reiki with other powerful healing techniques to eradicate entities, stagnated emotional energies that have built up in this lifetime and others. He is also very gentle and nurturing so you will feel safe during the period of hypnosis which feels much like a peaceful meditation. Thank you Mackeen for aligning my chakras."


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